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Update from the City of Perrysburg Police Division on the Animal Control Officer Position

The City of Perrysburg’s Animal Control Officer will be retiring at the end of the year.  Beginning January 1, 2021, all concerns involving dogs and other household pets should be directed to the Police Division at 419-872-8001.  Historically, all citizen complaints have been directed to the Animal Control Officer.  Beginning in 2021, police officers will respond to animal concerns.  The Police Division will be working closely with the Wood County Dog Warden on concerns involving dogs.

The Police Division will respond to citizen complaints involving dogs and other household pets.  The Police Division is responsible for the enforcement of city and state laws pertaining to the regulation and treatment of animals.  The Police Division does not handle complaints concerning wildlife unless the animal's behavior poses an immediate threat or risk to someone's safety. For questions concerning these types of animals, contact the Police Division at 419-872-8001.  The Police Division can provide information for organizations that address nuisance animals.