City of Perrysburg

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The City of Perrysburg now uses Bid Express for electronic bid submission.

Electronic bid submission allows for:
  • Digitally-signed bids
  • Eliminates costs for hand and hired delivery of bid packages
  • Provides error checking and alerts to omissions before submission
  • Easily accommodates last-minute changes and price cuts
  • Automates emails notifications to alert vendors of solicitation postings and changes
As a vendor, you must register and review each solicitation you intend to bid electronically before bidding (please see the Infotech Digital ID policy). You may also refer to Infotech’s Knowledge Center for Bid Express.

Note: Navigation of the Bid Express service is free unless you select a solicitation for bidding and complete your purchase (see Fee Schedule).

To submit Bid Bonds electronically, please ensure your company and your bonding agent's company register with one of the following Bid Bond agencies affiliated with Bid Express.

Surety 2000
Tel: 800-660-3263
Tel: 800-989-6417

If you need additional assistance, please call the Bid Express Customer Support Team at 888-352-2439, available Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM– 8:00 PM (EST). You can also email the team at or refer to the Vendor Resource page.
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