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Business Tax Information

To deliver forms in a more cost-effective manner, the City of Perrysburg Income Tax Division has discontinued the mass-mailing of tax forms and withholding booklets to employers. Online fill-in PDF forms may be completed and printed from this webpage. Please see below for links to Net Profit, Withholding, and Business Registration forms and information.

The City of Perrysburg's income tax rate remains unchanged at 1.5%. The rate for employer courtesy withholding for residents of Perrysburg working in another taxing municipality is .75%. However, employers withholding as a courtesy for residents working in a township or other non-taxing work district should withhold at the full rate of 1.5%.

Business Registration and Updates

Net Profit and Information

Withholding Forms and Information

Ohio Business Gateway E-File and E-Pay
The Ohio Business Gateway provides businesses with access to electronic filing of selected municipal tax returns and to electronic payment of municipal income tax, net profits, and withholding.

By going to the "Municipal Income Tax Agencies and Administrators" section, the following transactions may be posted on the Ohio Business Gateway website:

  • Estimated Payments
  • Extension Requests
  • Income (Net Profits) Tax Returns
  • Withholding Returns and Payments