City of Perrysburg

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The Engineering Division, part of the Department of Public Service, was created in 2001. The Division advises the Mayor, Council, City Administration, and other Departments on technical, and construction issues and administers construction contracts for City public works projects. The Division creates and administers design and construction budgets, interfaces with other governmental and regulatory agencies on infrastructure issues, and monitors compliance with prevailing wage requirements.  

The Engineering Division's objective is always to serve the interests of the City at large, but the improvements we build can have a temporary adverse effect on people while construction is in progress. In these cases, we always strive to minimize and mitigate our construction impacts, and to be responsive to the special needs of individuals.

Our primary focus, and our professional ethic, is service to the public. Whether in the form of multi-million dollar interchange projects or neighborhood drainage complaints, the City Engineering staff is committed to providing the public with quality infrastructure through cost-effective and professional engineering services.