City of Perrysburg

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Development Incentives

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)
The City's RLF assists new and existing businesses or industries retain and create private-sector job opportunities principally for low and moderate-income persons. Eligible activities include land/building acquisition, building construction/addition/renovation and machinery/equipment purchases. Up to $25,000 per job or 50% of the total eligible project costs can be requested. Low, fixed interest rates and negotiable terms are available.

Enterprise Zone (EZ)
The City has designated areas to provide local and state incentives that include up to 75% exemption on real property improvements. Eligible businesses must finalize an Enterprise Zone agreement, agree to retain or create jobs and establish, expand, renovate or occupy a facility within an Enterprise Zone. Payment, in lieu of taxes, is made to Perrysburg Schools and Penta Career Center.  For specific EZ locations see the map located in Fact Book.

Community Reinvestment Area (CRA)
The City has two areas where eligible property owners can receive direct tax incentives to renovate or construct a building. Tax exemptions are granted up to 75% for 10 years. Payment, in lieu of taxes, is made to Perrysburg Schools and Penta Career Center. For specific CRA locations see the map located in Fact Book.

State Route 25 Employment Corridor
State Route 25 represents the largest geographical area of concentrated growth in the City. The area, consisting of over 4,800 acres, is identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan as the primary location for planned business growth. The City has improved the corridor by installing extensive water main and sanitary sewer infrastructure. Chapter 1245.29-Corridor Overlay of the Planning and Zoning Code provisions to encourage land assembly with limited access, and promote architectural design continuity.  

Jobs Grant Program
Job creation program involving the use of grants to be used to attract new job opportunities to the City and for existing businesses to expand. The amount granted may be up to one-third of the amount paid in municipal income tax in the first year. The grant is based on a minimum of $2 Million of new payroll attributed to new jobs. The grant will be for a fixed number of years, not to exceed 5 years, and with a maximum rebate of $150,000.

Wood County Foreign Trade Zone
Perrysburg is located within Foreign Trade Zone #8. The zone offers companies the ability to reduce, defer, or eliminate duties, and stored inventory is not subject to import quotas. Foreign goods may be admitted into the zone without being subject to customs duties or other import-related taxes. Foreign origin items may be assembled/manufactured in the zone. Products imported into these zones are exempt from duty until they enter the U.S. marketplace, and duty is never paid if the products are re-exported.

Port Authorities
Wood County is within the jurisdiction of two Port Authorities: The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the Wood County Port Authority. The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority can be reached at (419) 243-8251. The contact for the Wood County Port Authority may be reached at (419) 352-2535.

Wood County Economic Development Commission
The City has been a member since 1993. Assistance is provided in gaining low-interest financing for expansion/attraction projects. Eligibility for most are linked to job creation, leveraging ratios, and maximum funding levels. For access to the Wood County Economic Development Commission website, click here. They can be reached at (419) 352-7469.

  • Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) – A form of low-interest tax-exempt financing to qualifying manufacturing projects whose total 3-year investment is under $10 million. Additional sources of bond financing are available for other types of projects.
  • State of Ohio Direct Loans – Available for land and building acquisition, expansion or renovation, and equipment purchase. The program can provide up to 30% of total eligible fixed cost up to $1 million. A minimum of 10% equity investment and 25% bank financing is required.
  • State of Ohio Linked Deposit Program – Companies with headquarters in Ohio with 150 or fewer employees are eligible for this reduced rate financing. The loan is from an eligible Ohio bank, subsidized by the State through a 3% discount or $25,000 for every new job created.
  • Job Creation Tax Credit – Enables a business to receive a tax credit against its State corporate income tax on new, full-time employees. Applications that create at least 25 new full-time jobs within 3 years are evaluated on an individual basis, however the resultant credit averages 50-60% over a 10-year period.
  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Tax Credit – Provides businesses with the opportunity to receive a 7.5% tax credit on incremental increases in machinery purchases above their three-year average investment. The credit is divided equally over seven years.

A wide variety of services are offered to assist local companies with recruitment, training, and other placement needs. Individuals can receive core, intensive, and training services. JOBsolutions works on behalf of The Wood County Workforce Policy Board by assisting in supplying the region's residents with the tools that they need to manage their careers. In addition, JOBsolutions helps area employers locate employment, training, and information services necessary to remain competitive in today's labor market. JOBsolutions of Wood County is located at 1928 E. Gypsy Lane, Bowling Green and can be reached by phone (419) 352-4172.

State of Ohio Grow Now Program (formerly Linked Deposit Program)
In partnership with Ohio’s state depository banks, The Ohio Treasury offers small business owners a 3% interest rate reduction when they link their loans to creating or retaining jobs in Ohio. The City of Perrysburg works closely with the State of Ohio to facilitate grants, loans, tax credits, and other incentive programs. The type and level of funding for these programs may change periodically. Many of these programs require local participation. The Ohio Treasury gives approval preference to businesses owned by a veteran or the spouse of a veteran.

Development Services Agency
The Development Services Agency manages the state's Third Frontier technology development program, along with Ohio’s various housing, energy, and small-business assistance programs.

Jobs Ohio
Established in 2011, Jobs Ohio is a private, non-profit dedicated to promoting economic development and providing statewide business assistance.

Tax Information

Perrysburg Municipal Income Tax – 1.5%
Perrysburg School District Income Tax – 0.5%
State Income Tax – 7.5%<$200,000; 6.9%>$200,000, graduated 
Wood County Sales & Use Tax – 6.5%
Real Property Tax – $57.09 AG & RES/$1,000 58.82 Other Classes (2010)
Valuation - 35% full effective rates rounded