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The City of Perrysburg developed a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Public Notification Plan, effective in November 2018, per recent Federal Regulations.  The City has chosen the option of a combined sewer separation to reduce or eliminate combined sewer overflows, as well as to improve the performance of that portion of the sewers in the older sections of the City.  By removing storm runoff from the combined sewers, flows will be reduced in the main interceptor sewer along the Maumee River, reducing overflows both in frequency and duration. 

Public access areas nearby include Orleans Park, Hood Park, and the Maple Street dock.

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CSO Reports 2023

01/19/23 Elm St. Packet      
01/19/23 Elm St 7 day Supplemental Packet      
CSO Reports 2022

11/27/22 Elm St. Packet      
11/27/22 Elm St. 7-Day Supplemental Report Packet      
08/29/22 Elm St. Packet      
08/21/22 Elm-Louisiana Packet      
08/08/22 Louisiana Packet      
07/16/22 Elm St. Packet      
07/05/22 Elm- Louisiana Packet      
07/01/22 Elm St. Packet      
06/14/22 WWTP Packet      
06/08/22 Elm St. Packet      
02/17/22 Elm St/Louisiana Ave Packet      
CSO Reports 2021

12/05/21 Elm St/Louisiana Ave Packet      
10/29/21 Elm Street Packet      
10/15/21 WWTP Packet      
09/22/21 WWTP Packet      
09/14/21 Elm St/Cherry St/Louisiana Ave Packet      
08/29/21 Elm Street Packet      
08/28/21 Elm Street Packet      
08/25/21 Elm Street Packet      
08/18/21 Elm Street Packet      
08/11/21 Elm St/Louisiana Ave Packet      
07/25/21 Elm Street Packet      
07/24/21 Elm St/Louisiana Ave Packet      
07/13/21 Elm Street Packet      
07/12/21 Elm Street Packet      
07/11/21 Elm Street Packet      
06/25/21 Elm Street Packet      
06/25/21 Elm Street Packet      
06/08/21 Elm Street Packet      
06/08/21 Elm Street Packet      
06/02/21 Elm Street Packet      
05/28/21 Elm Street Packet      
05/09/21 Cherry St/Elm St Packet      
05/09/21 Cherry St/Elm St Packet      
04/21/21 Cherry Street Packet      
04/21/21 Cherry Street Packet      
04/10/21 Cherry Street Packet