City of Perrysburg

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Sidewalk Snow Removal

All sidewalks and shared use paths within the City limits are to be cleared within 30 hours of snow accumulation exclusive of Sundays and federally mandated holidays. Snow, ice, dirt and other debris shall not be placed in the street, gutter or sidewalk.

You are encouraged to wait until the snow plow crews have completed their final round before removing snow from your driveways and sidewalks next to the street.

Once the crews have cleared the street, do not push or blow the snow from your driveway or sidewalk into the street. Passing motorists drive over the fresh snow and pack it down. When the temperature drops, that snow forms slippery patches resulting in a driving hazard.

Refer to City Ordinance 1022.28 and 1022.281 on our website.

If such sidewalk/shared use path is not cleared within the thirty (30) hour period, the City may cause such snow, ice, dirt or other debris to be removed. Upon such action, the City may charge such occupant or owner an amount equal to its cost plus 100 percent.

To report uncleared sidewalks, contact the Department of Public Service at 419-872-8020.