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P3 Plan

View the Complete People Planning Perrysburg Comprehensive Plan Here

What is People Planning Perrysburg?
People Planning Perrysburg was a process to create a comprehensive plan,­ one that is actually designed by the citizens of the city. It was the most extensive public involvement project ever chosen by our community. Together, we are strove for geographic, ethnic, gender, age and social diversity as part of the process to ensure everyone's voice in our community was heard. Citizens were able to express their views, hopes and aspirations for Perrysburg, while listening to other residents share their ideas. All ideas were recorded and used to shape the resulting Master Plan.

What's a comprehensive Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a community's "blueprint" for the future. It guides decision-making on how and where Perrysburg should grow. This includes things like parks, schools, roads, buildings, stores, churches, and new uses not seen in our town before. Using words, maps, and illustrations, our comprehensive plan describes our common expectations for the types, location, intensity and timetable of development.

Why do we really need a Master Plan?
Perrysburg's uniqueness is facing increasing pressures that could change its character if we don't update the policies our elected and appointed officials follow when making decisions. They need a Master Plan that spells out our priorities for development ­ to meet present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

What's special about this Master Plan?
The City and appointed Steering Committee worked closely with ACP, a national consulting team to facilitate our Master Plan. Interactive public involvement was at the heart of the process. It engaged residents in an unprecedented dialogue on shared issues and values. We identified patterns of development that are consistent with our shared goals.

For More Information about P3 - People Planning Perrysburg - please send an e-mail to or contact the Planning & Zoning Division at 419-872-8060.