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Downtown Revitalization Project

DowntownRevitalizationView the renderings that were presented at the Open House on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

The City of Perrysburg is excited to move forward with the Downtown Revitalization Project. This project has been several years in the making and will impact the entire Downtown community.

Why are we doing this? 

The Downtown Revitalization Project is a comprehensive plan aimed at not only making much needed repairs to sidewalks and curbs, but also enhancing the appeal and vibrancy of our Downtown area. This area is in the Historic District of Perrysburg on Louisiana Avenue between Front Street and Third Street.  
In 2019, a study addressed accessibility shortcomings within the public right-of-way. After a thorough review, city leaders decided to approach this project not only to make Downtown more accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, but also a chance to enhance, modernize, and beautify our Downtown to make it an even more appealing place to visit and patronize our local businesses.

Over the years, we have made tremendous strides in making Downtown Perrysburg a place everyone wants to visit. This includes the addition of new restaurants, businesses selling local goods or services, and the implementation and expansion of the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). This has led to new and improved community events such as the weekly Perrysburg Market Days, Homecoming Festival, Winterfest, and more. With the influx of people visiting Downtown Perrysburg, we must have a welcoming and accessible space for all to enjoy. 

We know that Downtown is a key part of Perrysburg’s history. That is why we must continue to look at ways to improve and reinvest in this area so that it can be preserved and enjoyed by future generations. 

What Improvements are being made? 

The project will bring various improvements that will enhance Downtown Perrysburg, including: 

  • Infrastructure Enhancements to comply with ADA standards: Upgrades to roads and sidewalks, making it easier and accessible for everyone to visit the local businesses. Also, upgraded lighting to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • Public Spaces: The creation of attractive public spaces that encourage community gatherings and events such as the Farmers Market, Homecoming Festival, and Winterfest. 
  • Aesthetic Improvements: Beautification efforts, such as landscaping and public art installations, to enhance the area's visual appeal and music amenities to create a more welcoming ambiance. 

Sidewalk Zones 

The plan consists of improvements to four sidewalk zones (pictured below). These zones include The Building Zone (pink), Walk Zone (blue), Amenity Zone (green), and Curb Zone (yellow). 


  • Building Zone – 5’ 
    • 5’ of space located directly in front of each building.  
    • Ramps will be installed where needed. 
    • Some areas will have room for planters or seating areas. 





  • Walk Zone - 8’ 
    • The walking area will be 8’ wide, and linear with no obstructions. 

  • Amenity Zone – 8' 
    • This zone will have raised planters that will provide extra seating. 
    • It will also be wide enough for vendors during events such as the Farmers Market. 

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  • Curb Zone – 2'-6” 
    • Small zone along the curb near on-street parking. 



Some areas at the end of each zone will be wider with more room for seating and potential art structures. 


How much is this project going to cost?
The project is estimated to cost around $4.7 million. The City is reviewing several options on how to pay for the project which include applying for grants, utilizing reserve funding, money from the general fund, paying with cash set aside in the 2024 budget, or a combination of borrowing and cash. The City is also looking at ways to assist business or building owners who may want to make their own accessibility improvements by offering grants from remaining ARPA funds.

What is the timeline for this project?
The project needs to go through the legislative process authorizing the Mayor and Finance Director to contract for the remaining design and engineering work. Public open houses will be held to gather community input and answer any questions or concerns. The City has appointed an Ad-Hoc Steering Committee comprised of downtown business owners, property owners, and members of the public. The committee members are:

Tony Bilancini, business owner – restaurant; Kim Dane, citizen; Angel Elden, business owner; Judy Hagen, citizen; Trish Jambor, business owner – restaurant/coffee; Judy Lang, Country Garden Club; Meig McIntyre, business owner; John Meier, Historic Landmarks Commission; Craig Pickerel, business owner; and Becky Williams, planning commission/citizen.

The goal is to have the design phase completed no later than November 2024. The next phase would begin around January 2025 with construction anticipated to begin in March 2025 and completed in the Fall 2025. 

How can you become informed about this project or offer input?
The City will be hosting public open houses to gather community input. The first one will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 31 from 6-8 p.m. at the Schaller Memorial Building located at 130 W. Indiana Ave. in Perrysburg. You can also email with any questions or concerns.