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What is DORA?
DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area.  The Perrysburg DORA is a defined public area in Downtown Perrysburg where alcoholic beverages can be purchased for outdoor consumption at a participating establishment and enjoyed within the historic district.  The DORA makes it easy to enjoy the historic charm of Downtown Perrysburg while supporting local businesses.

DORA Hours
The Perrysburg DORA hours are Monday through Sunday, Noon to 10:00 PM. (Beverages must be purchased by 10:00 PM and consumed by 11:00 PM.)

Click here to download a map of the DORA

What are the Rules of DORA?

  1. Visit a permitted, licensed restaurant establishment during DORA hours and ask for your favorite beer, wine, or cocktail in a permitted DORA cup.
    1. DORA beverages cannot be consumed inside any restaurant (including the restaurant where the beverage was purchased).
    2. DORA cups may be taken into businesses that are DORA friendly and that display an official DORA decal in their window.
  2. Once you exit a permitted establishment, you must stay within the boundaries of the DORA (see map). Look for the signs that indicate the established boundaries.
  3. Dispose of your beverage in City of Perrysburg receptacles before entering another establishment or when leaving the DORA boundaries.
    1. Leaving the DORA with an alcoholic beverage breaks the City of Perrysburg and the State of Ohio's open container laws.
    2. All laws regarding public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas inside and outside the DORA boundaries.
  4. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

Permitted Establishments

  • Stella’s Restaurant
  • Zingo’s Mediterranean
  • Rose & Thistle
  • Casa Barron
  • Swig Restaurant
  • Inside the Five Brewing Co.

Official DORA Website
Find additional information and stay up to date with DORA news at