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Public Service


Fire Hydrants During a Snowstorm: If there is a fire hydrant near your home, please take a few extra minutes to ensure the hydrant is clear of snow. You should clear a path to the street and three feet around the hydrant. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, the fire division is able to find and use the fire hydrant.

The Department of Public Service (DoPS) includes: the Bureau of Parks and Lands, Office of Litter Prevention & Recycling, Bureau of Refuse and Recycling, Street Division, and the Summer Recreation Program.   

The department is responsible for a wide variety of operations throughout the City such as maintaining City buildings,  properties, and landscaping; repairing traffic signals and street signs; collecting spring brush and fall leaf collection; collecting weekly curbside Refuse and Recycling;  overseeing grass mowing and snow plowing; managing operations of the Municipal Pool and Summer Recreation Program; handling reservations for various programs; processing special event permits; and assisting residents about services provided by the department.

Snow Removal Information:
The City's Sidewalk Snow Removal Policy can be found here
The City's Snow Plowing Policy can be found here