City of Perrysburg

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Individual Tax Information

Individual tax return guidelines

  • All residents are required to file a city return, whether or not tax is due. If you do not have taxable income and you receive a notice to file, please contact the tax office.
  • Carefully read all instructions. Complete all applicable information in the upper portion of the return.
  • Indicate whether you own or rent your residence. If you rent, provide the name and address of your landlord.
  • In most cases, married couples should file a joint return even if they file separately with the IRS.
  • If your marital status changes, if you retire, or if you move into/out of the city, notify the tax office in writing with the effective date of change. Notice can be made on the annual return (include a brief statement about the change) or you may fax or email notification of any changes.
  • A late filing penalty of $25.00 per month may be charged for filing your return after the due date (up to a maximum penalty of $150.00).

Individual tax forms and additional information can be found by clicking here.