City of Perrysburg

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For Residents

Residents may e-file their 2020 City of Perrysburg income tax return if eligible to use the EZ form. Generally, you qualify if you have W-2 income only and have lived in Perrysburg the entire tax year.

For Resident and Business taxpayers
Request an extension online. If a request for extension is submitted online, you will need only to include the federal extension form with your City of Perrysburg return (timely-filed by the extended due date).

Check credits online
Taxpayers are able to verify the amount of any credits carried forward to 2020, and confirm the amount of tax estimates paid for 2020.

Update your account
Submit name, address, phone number, filing status changes, and other pertinent information, such as the effective date if you have moved. Updates will generate an email to our office and changes will be made within two business days.

To enter the Perrysburg E-file system, you will enter your Social Security number and PIN. First time users will need to set up their PIN by clicking on the link titled "Don't have a PIN?". For joint accounts, the primary taxpayer's SS# must be entered. The primary taxpayer is the first name the postcard reminder is addressed to.

Enter the City of Perrysburg Income Tax E-File System

Ohio Business Gateway E-File and E-Pay

The Ohio Business Gateway provides businesses with access to electronic filing of selected municipal tax returns and to electronic payment of municipal income tax, net profits and withholding.

By going to the "Municipal Income Tax Agencies and Administrators" section, the following transactions may be posted on the Ohio Business Gateway web site:

  • Estimated Payments
  • Extension Requests
  • Income (Net Profits) Tax Returns
  • Withholding Returns and Payments