City of Perrysburg

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Installation Specifications

Waterline Installation

For Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

  • Excavation shall be the responsibility of the property owner and the City shall perform the tap (Tap sizes ¾", 1", 1 ½", 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" only), the cost shall be paid in advance by the owner or the developer.
  • All waterlines shall be ¼" – 3" size Type K Copper or 4" or larger C-900, C-909 PVC, or Ductile Iron Pipe.
  • Waterlines as they enter the structure shall be ¼" – 3" size, Type K Copper or 4" or larger, Ductile Iron Pipe.

For Commercial and Industrial

  • All projects shall require a pre-construction meeting with City officials before the project begins. Schedule meetings through the Engineering Division.
  • The City shall only allow a domestic tap to be made off a fire line if the line is a minimum of 8" and the property owner signs a water license agreement to allow the City to enter private property. The fireline shall have an exterior shut-off valve between the domestic tap and the building.
  • If an 8" waterline or larger is installed with at least one fire hydrant, the City will require a full-time inspection to be paid for by the developer.
  • Hydrant spacing shall not exceed 300 feet.
  • If an inspection is required copies of the record drawings in paper format 11x17", AutoCAD, and PDF electronic formats files shall be submitted to the City before the water meter is set.
  • If any type of fire-protection or sprinkler system is used, then there shall be two (2) separate taps made – one (1) for domestic and one (1) for fire.

Meter and Remote Installation

  • State meter size.
  • State location of remote. Shall be in an easily accessible location on the outside of the front corner of the structure, approximately 54" – 66" high, and continuous conduit shall run between the meter and remote (see image here).
  • Placement of meter. Shall be kept freely accessible and not located in a crawl space or meter pit.
  • Any meter 2" or larger shall require a strainer and a by-pass around it.
  • Property owner shall be responsible to provide "rough-in" plumbing set for meter placement. The "rough-in" plumbing shall provide a space which is designated as a meter loop to be the proper dimension for inserting the meter.
  • On meters 5/8" or 1" — the owner shall provide a locking Ford Meter Valve or equivalent (valve shall be one (1) piece with a non-removable handle) on the street side and a meter tailpiece on the house size.
  • On meters 1½" and larger — the owner shall provide a locking Ford Meter Valve or equivalent (valve shall be one (1) piece with a non-removable handle) on the street side and a flanged opening (flanges to be supplied by the City).

Dimension for Meter Insertion

Meter Opening
5/8"       7½"
1"       11"
1½"       13¼"
2"       17¼"
3" or larger       Specifications from the Department of Public Utilities
Backflow Devices

Commercial and Industrial Only

  • Backflow devices shall be required on all systems, fire and domestic.
  • Only Reduced-Pressure OEPA backflow devices shall be permitted.
  • The backflow device shall be inspected annually and a copy of the inspection report shall be sent to the Superintendent of Water.
Remote Meter Register Conduit Installation

All remote meter registers require through the wall conduit installation in accordance with the following and the attached drawing.

The installation shall consist of a section of one-half (½) inch thin wall conduit attached to the outside of the building in a vertical position. The conduit shall be attached to the house by corrosion-resistant straps. The top strap shall be approximately twelve (12) inches from the upper end of the conduit which shall be one-quarter (¼) inch from the wall to permit installation of a mounting bracket at the time of register installation. On the lower end of the conduit shall be an LB conduit and a piece of one-half (½) inch thin wall conduit stubbed through the outside wall with plastic bushing.

The upper end of the conduit shall be at a minimum height of four and one-half (4½) feet and a maximum height of five and one-half (5½) above the finished ground level. The upper end of the conduit shall be provided with lock nuts to permit the installation of register mounting bracket.

A copper three (3) conductor cable of No. 22 gauge solid wire shall be installed in the conduit from the remote meter register which will be located on the sidewall near the front comer of the structure to the meter setting. Alternate locations for the remote meter register must be approved in advance by the Water Superintendent. This cable shall have all conductors individually insulated with rubber or plastic and have an overall jacket of the same. The wire from the meter to the conduit shall be securely fastened to the building with insulated staples in a workmanlike manner The wire at the top of the conduit outside of the building shall extend out of the conduit a minimum of six (6) inches. A minimum of two (2) feet of wire shall be left at the meter setting.

A Ford Meter Valve or City-approved equal is to be installed on the City-side of the meter set.