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Opening a Business

Perrysburg remains Wood County’s most economically-diverse and thriving community and is one of Northwest Ohio’s best magnets for economic and business growth.  Located at the “Crossroads of America,” where US 80/90 meets Interstate 75, businesses and residents are drawn to Perrysburg's vibrant, historic town atmosphere where a highly educated workforce is joined with a philosophy that quality of life and economic growth are interconnected.  We take pride in continuing to expand our cultural, recreational, and entertainment opportunities available in the community so that employers can attract the type of workforce they need to compete in the global marketplace.

Planning and Zoning Requirements
For most new businesses that are moving into an existing building/tenant space, there are two types of permits that are normally required to be obtained from the Planning and Zoning Division.

The first type of permit required from our office is the Use Permit. This permit verifies that the type of business in the new location will conform to the Perrysburg Land Use Chart. Specific zoning districts will either permit, not permit, or permit with conditions (known as a special approval use) certain business types. It is always recommended that you call our office to verify that your business will conform to the land use chart prior to signing a lease.

The second type of permit, typical for a new business, is a sign permit. Most businesses want the customers to know where they are located, so a sign is the most common way-finder. The Perrysburg Codified Ordinances regulates the size, quantity, location, and height of signs.

Other Considerations:

  • If you are constructing a new building for your business, contact the Planning and Zoning office for further details about the process.
  • Special approval uses must be approved by the Perrysburg Planning Commission. Applications are available online or in the Perrysburg Planning and Zoning Office.
  • Home Occupation Businesses have their own set of requirements and regulations that must be adhered to, contact the Planning and Zoning office for further details about the process.
  • If your business is within the Historic District of Perrysburg, signs and any exterior alterations will have to be approved by the Historic Landmarks Commission before our office would be able to issue a permit.
  • If your business is located within a Planned Business Park (ie. Levis Commons, Harbor Town, etc.) signage and exterior alterations must be approved by the business park's architectural review committee before our office would be able to issue a permit.

Other Departments:

  • If your new business requires interior remodeling (ie. structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, etc.) it will most likely require a permit from Wood County Building Inspection.
  • All businesses operating within the City of Perrysburg must fill out the Tax Business Registration Form with the Perrysburg Tax Division.

Fire Inspections 
The Perrysburg Fire Division conducts routine annual fire inspections of businesses within the city. The Bureau of Fire Prevention & Risk Reduction has now instituted a small business Self-Inspection Program that you can do On-Line. This form is a checklist of the most common violations we find in accordance with the State fire codes and should be submitted to us annually. This will help you maintain a fire-safe workplace and also keep our records updated on your business. This checklist is to be completed by the business owner or their representative.

If an item is not applicable to your business, place N/A on the explanation line.

If you have any questions or concerns or need a fire safety inspector to come to your business please do not hesitate to call the fire department and speak with someone from the bureau 419-872-8071.

Public Utilities Service
New businesses who need water service can contact the Department of Public Utilities at 419-872-8050.  Information for new water customers can be found here

Business Registration

New businesses operating within the City limits or employers electing to courtesy withhold for Perrysburg residents may register with the City by completing the Business Registration Form. The completed form may be returned to our office by mail, fax, or email. Once received, the appropriate account(s) will be established and you will be notified of a City of Perrysburg Income Tax file number for net profit filing and/or for remitting withheld payroll taxes.

Download the Business Registration Form here.

 This form is intended for use by:

  • Business entities that are new to the City of Perrysburg
  • Non-resident business that wishes to establish an account to submit withholding tax to the city on behalf of their employees who are residents of Perrysburg. (Courtesy withholding)
  • Business entities doing business in the city with an existing account that have merged with or split from another entity, or changed business formation in any way that may result in a new Federal ID#, a new name, a new location, new owners/partners, etc.

 If you receive this form in the mail, you do not need to complete the form available on this website. If you use the form on this website, please disregard any mailed form, unless it is a request for additional information. If you have questions when completing the form, feel free to contact the City of Perrysburg Income Tax Division at 419-872-8035.

All information requested on this form is essential for completing our records and is held in strict confidence, as authorized by our ordinance. Please complete the form and submit to:

City of Perrysburg Income Tax Division
201 West Indiana Avenue
Perrysburg, OH 43551