City of Perrysburg

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2024 Fertilizer Treatment Schedule

March 20, 2024

City park lands are fertilized annually to support and maintain a healthy and safe playing surface for sports and recreational activities including soccer and baseball. The fertilizer used contains no phosphorus and has not contained phosphorus since inception of this park maintenance program. The applications are performed by local, licensed companies in a manner that supports the city’s storm water management plans for pollution prevention. The elimination of phosphorus and the application protocols are followed to support the reduction of possible algal blooms in Lake Erie.

Residents are reminded to observe the signage that is posted after each application. This application timetable is followed to have the least impact on scheduled activities in the parks over the summer season. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) sheets are available from the Department of Public Service for further information about the fertilizer used.

Week of the 21st:  Bicentennial, Hood, Milestone, Municipal, Municipal Pool, Orleans Park, Rivercrest, Riverside, Rotary Community

Week of the 12th: Davis Overlook, Eisenhower, Hood, Milestone, Municipal Pool, Riverside, Three Meadows, Woodlands

Week of the 19th: Bicentennial, Municipal, Rivercrest, Rotary Community, Milestone

Week of the 9th: Hood, Riverside

Week of the 21st: Hood, Riverside

Week of the 25th: Municipal Pool

Week of the 1st: Bicentennial, Hood, Milestone, Municipal, Orleans Park, Rivercrest, Riverside, Rotary Community, Woodlands
Week of the 29th: Municipal Pool

Week of the 20th: Municipal Pool