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Omni Fiber Utility Work

We will be using this page to update where and when crews will be in your neighborhood.

Week of 2/12/2024
Coe Ct., Tricia Ct., St. Rt. 65, Lexington Dr., Fort Meigs Rd., Iron Trail Dr., Eckel Junction Rd., McKinley Rd., Front St., Nora Dr., Winhoven, Kettle Run Blvd.
Week of 2/5/2024:
Coe Ct., Ramblehurst, St. Rt. 65, Lexington Dr., Summerfield Blvd., Fort Meigs Rd., Five Points Rd., Stonehaven Dr., Tricia Ct., Pauley Dr.

September 27, 2023
Omni Fiber will soon be offering service in the City of Perrysburg. The company has begun work to install fiber-optic cables to existing utility poles or place them underground throughout the city. The company is working with contractors to notify homeowners when they will be working in certain neighborhoods.

Before construction activities begin, residents may notice colored flags and temporary bio-degradable paint marking the location of some underground utilities. Utility companies are required to mark their underground infrastructure before any construction work takes place. Residents are asked to not remove the utility markers until after property restoration is completed. 

Once the existing utilities are marked, contractors will begin installation. They may need to access public utility easements on or near properties, mark utilities, and in some cases, dig in some neighborhoods. Once construction is complete, the contractors will make every effort to return the affected areas back to their original condition. 

More information on the work being done by Omni Fiber can be found here.