City of Perrysburg

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Notice of Planned Ditch Maintenance

August 3, 2022

The City of Perrysburg is planning to complete ditch maintenance activities on White Road from Ashington Drive to Avenue Road that will begin after August 15, 2022 – weather and schedule permitting. This project is necessary to ensure that stormwater is adequately conveyed away from personal property, streets, and sidewalks to protect the health and safety of our community.

Excess surface and subsurface water must be removed through manmade ditches to prevent flooding and these drainage corridors must be maintained. Drainage on one property can significantly impact drainage of neighboring properties. For homeowners, inadequate drainage can lead to basement flooding, wood rot and ponding on their yards.

The City makes every effort to minimize impacts to the environment and surrounding easement areas when completing these maintenance activities; however, it is possible that some trees or structures in the right-of-way could be impacted by the project. Public Utilities employees will regrade the conveyance channel, and also plan to remove downed trees, trees in the conveyance channel, and invasive vegetation. Anyone with questions about the project, can contact Lauren Rush, Stormwater Technician, at 419-872-8074.