City of Perrysburg

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Holiday Recycling

Curbside Christmas Tree Collection

Curbside recycling of Christmas trees is conducted the week of January 
rd. The collection of Christmas trees is curbside with no alley collections. Be certain that all decorations, plastic bags, and tree stands are removed. Christmas Tree collection is on your regular garbage day.

If you miss the curbside collection of Christmas trees, you can contact Renewed Outdoors at 419.874.5537 to make an appointment to drop it off or hold it in your backyard until Spring Brush Collection.

Christmas Lights Recycling

Before you put up your holiday decorations, check your lights. If you are switching to energy-efficient LED lights, you can recycle unwanted Christmas lights.

If you have Christmas lights that do not work, they can be dropped off for recycling at the Department of Public Service during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM -3:30 PM. Small electronics
, computers, and peripherals (things that plug into the wall) can also be recycled. No televisions or CRT monitors are accepted.

This drop-off recycling is available year-round.