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Public Outreach and Education

What is Stormwater?
The City of Perrysburg's stormwater conveyance system, unlike the sanitary sewer system, moves surface water runoff from rain, irrigation, and outdoor water use directly to our waterways. Any pollutants that are collected in this stormwater flow (run-off) goes untreated into our rivers and lakes. The stormwater conveyance system includes streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, ditches, man-made channels, catch basins, and storm drain inlets. In the City of Perrysburg, our storm water conveyance system ultimately discharges to the Maumee River, which then flows northeast to Lake Erie. Educating our citizens and visitors on stormwater issues and how we can improve the quality of our water through our daily tasks is one of our most powerful tools for improving our environment.


Don't Leaf it in the Street, For the Sake of our Lake!
Perrysburg's storm sewer system is only meant to convey water to our rivers and lake. When leaves, grass clippings, and yard debris are blown into the street, it clogs the curb and stuffs our catch basins. This can cause flooding if the storm system cannot flow, and as leaves and grass decompose they create excess nutrients that can contribute to algal blooms in Lake Erie. What can you do instead? You can mulch these items directly onto your lawn, add them to your home compost pile, or click here to learn how to properly dispose of your yard waste.

We know that excess nutrients are the cause of harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie, but did you know that your furry friend could be part of the problem? There is one easy way you and your PUP can help keep our lake clean – Pick Up Poop (PUP)! If we don't PUP the next time it rains, the nutrients in that poop will run-off and join the stormwater on its way to our lake. YUCK. Next time you’re out for a walk, bring a poop bag with you or, if you're in a City of Perrysburg Park, visit one of our poop bag stands and grab a free one.

Here are a few resources to learn more about stormwater.

If you are an educator, community group, or are interested in scheduling an outreach program, please contact Lauren Rush at 419-872-8074.