City of Perrysburg

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Pollution Prevention Good Housekeeping for Municipal Facilities

Municipal operations can contribute to stormwater pollution, but also have the ability to help keep our water clean.

This program requires The City of Perrysburg to inspect and evaluate our own operations to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to reduce our impact. Keeping the storm sewer system clean, including the streets and gutters, helps reduce the nutrients and pollutants that run-off impervious surfaces during storm events. Street sweeping, leaf collection, and sewer cleaning are municipal activities that don't just keep Perrysburg beautiful, they also help protect our water.

We train our City employees on steps they can take in their daily job activities to protect stormwater and how to identify concerns, like illicit discharges. Proper waste disposal, prevention of spills, correct calibration of salt spreading equipment, and appropriate application of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer are just a few ways City employees help reduce stormwater pollution.