City of Perrysburg

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All Materials in the City-Right-of-Way Must be Removed by June 1

A reminder that all posts and materials in the City's right-of-way (generally the area between the sidewalk and street) is strictly prohibited. This includes anything not installed by the City (posts to deter parking, planters, etc.). The items must be removed by June 1, 2021. After June 1, the items become property of the City and will be recycled.
Chapter 1250.31 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Perrysburg states: No sign, except those established and maintained by governmental units and marquee or projecting signs where permitted, shall be located in, project into or overhang a public right-of-way or dedicated public easement.
In all cases, it is recommended to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (419) 872-8060 for clarification of where the right-of-way line is located along your property prior to placing a temporary sign.
The purpose of regulating signs in yards is to enhance the physical appearance of the City of Perrysburg, to preserve scenic beauty and architectural history, and to create an appearance that is attractive to business while preserving the general health, safety and welfare of the City. It is further intended to improve traffic safety by avoiding the distractions from disorganized or confusing presentation of signs. (Ord. 40-2013. Passed 4-9-13.)
For more information or questions about sign usage in yards, please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (419) 872-8060.