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Perrysburg, Ohio Featured Across North America in Business View Magazine

Business View Magazine is spotlighting Perrysburg, Ohio in an exclusive feature titled “Together as one” – part of the magazine’s focus on Growth & Community Development in U.S. Cities.

This in-depth profile describes the City of Perrysburg, Ohio’s main objective, which is inclusivity. Whether it takes the shape of how the community does business, how elected officials manage growth, or how children of all abilities play, inclusivity is something the City is always looking to be better at and it will continue to strive for.

Nestled in Northwest Ohio’s Wood County, the growing community of Perrysburg pays homage to its past while forging forward to embrace what lies ahead. Since its founding in 1816, Perrysburg was known as a bedroom suburb of Toledo but the City has come into its own.

A new project dubbed Wood County Plays is indicative of the Perrysburg community’s inclusivity mandate. Carly Dauch represents the Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities, which services over 1,000 individuals. She shares, “A privately funded, inclusive playground will be up and running next summer for all to enjoy. The idea was brought forward by a local family whose son utilizes a walker for mobility. They recognized a need for a more inclusive playground and from there they gathered the troops. Together, we created a steering committee and a community committee and started on the ground running to fundraise locally.”

Creative fundraising efforts were established, and local businesses have held various fundraisers for the cause as well, helping Wood County Plays surpass its $600,000 mark. Dauch states, “The goal is to be a truly inclusive place, so we are considering physical, cognitive, emotional, and social challenges and barriers. We really want to break down all of those barriers to provide a space where everyone can play side-by-side and really come together and enjoy the community.”

That coming together as a whole is what draws people to Perrysburg as a place to raise their families. As a result, residential growth has been significant, going from about 10,000 in 1990 to over 25,000 today.

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