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Smoke testing to be conducted in sanitary sewers

July 5, 2024

Over the next few weeks, a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) will be conducted on sanitary sewers across the City. The survey will involve smoke testing, which forces non-toxic, artificially generated smoke through the sanitary sewer system to locate and identify leaks where stormwater is entering. The smoke test can also identify mains, laterals and manholes that are structurally defective.

This SSES will involve the opening and entering of manholes in the streets and easements. The smoke that you may see coming from the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground is non-toxic, harmless, and creates no fire hazard. Smoke should not enter any home or business unless it has defective plumbing or dried up drain traps.

The City is working with Arcadis on this project. Arcadis will be distributing door hangers in the areas that they will be working in a few days beforehand, so property owners are aware. The door hangers will have more information about the testing and contact information for Arcadis for anyone who has specific questions.

Arcadis personnel will be in uniform and carrying ID badges while conducting the testing. Some sewer lines and manholes may be located on the backyard easement property line. Inspection crews may need to access them if an investigation is required. Residents do not need to be home during the testing and crews will not need to enter any home.

This SSES is required in the Director's Final Finding and Orders (DFFO) issued by the OEPA last December. Information gathered from the survey will be used to improve sewer services and fix any leaks of stormwater into the sanitary sewer system.

Testing will begin July 15 and will last four to six weeks, depending on the weather. See the map below for the sequence of where the SSES will be conducted. Residents with questions can contact the Department of Public Utilities at 419-872-8050.

Smoke testing sequence