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Emergency Vehicle Operations training

July 5, 2024

Members of the Perrysburg Fire Division completed a four-hour training on Emergency Vehicle Operations. This training was provided June 25-27 by the Ohio Fire Academy through the use of the Mobile Driving Simulation Lab (MDSL). This course was a refresher course for all Fire Division personnel.

"Operating emergency vehicles is a task that our personnel perform on each call that we respond to. Because of this, it is critical that they understand how to drive defensively so that they arrive and return safely," said Fire Chief William McCullough.

The Ohio Fire Academy's MDSL uses high fidelity software to simulate driving conditions often encountered as well as the ability to introduce unconventional situations that would be dangerous to responders.

According to the United States Fire Administration, in 2022, there were 94 firefighters who were killed in the line-of-duty in the United States. 14 of them died while responding to or returning from an incident.

Inside the fire vehicle training simulator