City of Perrysburg

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Notice to Cut Weeds and Grass

June 20, 2024

This is to notify the owners of property in the corporate limits of The City of Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio, that in accordance with Section 660.14 and 1026.01 of the City Codified Ordinances, all noxious weeds and grass growing on lands within the City shall be cut and destroyed prior to July 10, 2024. Failure to comply will result in the performance of this work by The City of Perrysburg, and the owners of the property affected will be billed for the cost of the work. If said billing is not paid, it will then be certified by the city clerk to the tax duplicate book as an assessment against the property. The minimum charge is $100.00 for one hour or any part thereof. Each additional hour, or any part thereof, will be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour.