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Waterline Service Identification Project

May 31, 2024

The City of Perrysburg is working on a water project to identify service line materials at nearly 500 properties within the coming weeks. The Ohio EPA is mandating all water systems identify the materials of unknown water service lines. The work will involve exploratory digging to determine the makeup of water service. This will be performed by “hydro-excavating” or using high pressure water to excavate for a homeowner's service. After digging is completed, the contractor will backfill the holes with sand, let them settle for two weeks, and then will come back to add topsoil and seeding. Notices with the following information were sent home to the residents that will be affected:

Project FAQs:

What will this work entail?
The contractor will hydro-excavate in the public right-of-way down to your water service line to determine its material. A representative will be on-site throughout the excavation process to provide you with updates and answer questions you might have.

When will this work happen?
This work is scheduled to be performed between June and July of this year.

How long will this work take?
The excavation of the water service line is anticipated to take no more than two to three hours at each property.

Will digging occur in my yard, and if so, when will it be restored?
The exploratory digging will be performed within the existing right-of-way. Restoration will occur once the project is complete and as weather permits. Any damages to yards, driveways, roads, etc. will be repaired.

Will there be interruptions with my service?
There will not be any scheduled water service interruptions during this project. Unfortunately, due to the age and condition of some of these existing services, there may be some unexpected service interruptions. Every effort will be made to notify any affected property owners as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency service interruption.

What if it’s determined that my service is lead?
If it is determined that your water service is made of lead, you will be notified by the City and informed of the next steps to be taken.

How do I get answers to my specific questions?
You can call the Department of Public Utilities at 419.872.8050 or email You can also speak to the on-site representative.