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Perrysburg Launches New Website

Dear Perrysburg Community,

Perrysburg is a community rich in history.  That history provides the foundation for the type of community we have become and will become. Perrysburg is now a vibrant, economically diverse and thriving community that continues to evolve and grow as new opportunities arise.  While maintaining our historical character is very important, as a community we must also move forward to engage today’s ever-changing and diverse audience groups, in and outside of Perrysburg.  

Over the past 15 months, the City has been working on a rebrand.  The goal of this “rebrand” is to provide a consistent aesthetic (look and feel) across all departments and divisions, strengthen Perrysburg’s visual identity, reputation, and prominence, all while maintaining the City’s rich historical heritage and remaining inclusive to the growing diversity of the community. 

Representatives from the City spent an extensive amount of time discussing the importance of Commodore Perry, the history of Perrysburg, the image of Perrysburg, and the future of Perrysburg.  This committee of employees from each division and department were asked to identify what was important to them in a rebrand. 

Part of moving forward is embracing our past.  Commodore Perry and his story is a critical part of Perrysburg's identity.  That will continue.  Part of the review done during this rebranding process was to determine when and how the current image of Commodore Perry was developed and designed. The review also looked into Commodore Perry's life to see if we could better present him to the community. That process confirmed Commodore Perry served his country with honor and distinction. It also showed that problems existed with the current design, imaging, and presentation of the Commodore in materials being used by the City.  Correcting those weaknesses is one of the goals of the rebranding effort. 

Another goal of the rebrand is the creation of a new logo.  The Committee wanted a symbol that identified Perrysburg’s location (Ohio) and they wanted something that is inclusive, fresh, and modern.  Development of the logo is grounded in extensive research and testing.  A branding committee, employee interviews, and feedback from residents and Council Members captured ideas and opinions.  Key decisions regarding the content and logo were based on feedback from individuals who are deeply invested in Perrysburg.

The new logo is at the core of the City’s values: connection, community, family, opportunity.  The goal of the logo design is to be inclusive, fresh, modern, and simple.   A simple logo is much more accessible and easier to consume, process, and remember.  Having a consistent look and feel is important for the City internally and externally.  Internally, a City Logo helps employees to feel united and provides a sense of togetherness.  Externally, the City Logo should stir a feeling of pride and a sense of home. 

The goal of the new logo is to represent the City of Perrysburg – a community that embraces its past, but is poised for the future. Perrysburg is often looked at as an example of what a successful city looks like by other communities.  This is because the City has remained true to its history while being able to grow in a strategic and fiscally smart manner.  The new logo will be used for marketing and social media purposes, whereas the City’s official City Seal of Commodore Perry will continue to be used on official government and legal business as necessary.

One more important aspect of the new branding are the colors.  A lot of thought and research went into identifying a color palette for the City.  Because we are a community rich in history, particularly as a river port and naval fort, it only seemed appropriate to use a bold navy, with secondary colors in grey and blue.

We hope, that as citizens invested in the City of Perrysburg, you are proud of this rebrand.  City administration and employees care deeply about serving this community, and this includes representing you in a way that is professional, inclusive, and true to our history.  

Mayor Tom Mackin