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Nearly 500 pounds of litter collected during Great American Cleanup

May 8, 2023

The City of Perrysburg’s annual Great American Cleanup resulted in nearly 500 pounds of litter collected at four parks in two days. Cleanups were held at Three Meadows, Woodlands, Rivercrest and Orleans Parks on April 22nd and 30th which are typically the busiest of Perrysburg’s 11 City parks.  

This year, the City teamed up with Partners for Clean Streams who helped with registration and provided supplies as well as tally sheets for items collected. Partners for Clean Streams works in Northwest Ohio to improve water quality by hosting clean ups and other events throughout the year.  

A total of 52 volunteers registered or showed up on the day of the cleanup events and were given vests, gloves, pickers (to reach items in the ditches, streams or river), and garbage bags. Volunteers worked in teams and used tally sheets to write down and keep track of the items that were collected. Here’s a look at the numbers: 

Total Pounds Collected: 499.85 
Woodlands Park – 185 lbs. 
Orleans Park – 164.85 lbs. 
Three Meadows – 100 lbs. 
Rivercrest – 50 lbs. 

Total Items Collected: 2,914 
Cigarette Butts – 1,551 
Microplastics – 973  
Food Wrappers - 390 

Every park in Perrysburg has conveniently located garbage toters or cans to dispose of waste. Cleanups are held each year to ensure that litter does not end up in our waterways. Learn more about stormwater management in the City of Perrysburg here.  

IMG_6729    Great American Cleanup Three Meadows  
Volunteers at Woodlands Park                                           Volunteers at Three Meadows Park
Great American Cleanup Orleans
Volunteers at Orleans Park