City of Perrysburg

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Meeting Livestreaming Expands


The City of Perrysburg will soon be transitioning to the livestreaming of additional committee meetings. Last summer, the City began livestreaming the bi-weekly City Council meetings through CivicClerk, which
offers a streamlined workflow for municipal employees and allows the public to access information quicker and more intuitively.    

Starting March 1, in addition to City Council, the following meetings will also be livestreamed: Board of Zoning Appeals, Historic Landmarks Commission, Planning Commission, Finance & Economic Development, Service, Safety, Personnel, Planning and Zoning, Utilities, and Recreation Committees. 

These additional meetings have always been recorded, but the videos would not be posted until after the meetings were over. Citizens will now be able to watch the regularly scheduled meetings in real-time on the City’s website. The meetings will still be available afterwards.