City of Perrysburg

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New Director of Public Safety

December 21, 2022

Perrysburg Police Chief Patrick Jones is the new Director of Public Safety. Mayor Tom Mackin made the recommendation and city council voted to confirm his appointment during their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 20. Chief Jones was sworn in immediately after the vote. 

"Perrysburg's safety and security is always a top priority. The administration is always re-evaluating how this core function is performed. That process includes looking at ways to improve how we serve our citizens. Chief Jones has done a tremendous job serving as our police chief. Expanding his duties and responsibilities, will allow him to bring his knowledge and expertise to the entire breadth of safety issues. I look forward to working with him as the city's Safety Director," said Mayor Mackin.

Chief Jones has worked for the Perrysburg Police Division for the past 18 years. He previously served as a detective before he was appointed to chief in 2019. Jones will continue to serve as police chief while also overseeing both the Police and Fire Divisions.