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Perrysburg Police Division Joins Neighbors Public Safety

The Perrysburg Police Division has joined Neighbors Public Safety Service. Neighbors is a free app provided by Ring, created for residents to connect and share hyper-local safety updates and information from reliable sources. Ring provides Neighbors as a free tool for communities to connect and share valuable safety information--whether or not they own a Ring device. 

Perrysburg Police plan to use the app for things such as providing helpful safety tips, sending out information to keep residents safe, or if they need help gathering tips to solve a crime. 

Key Neighbors Features: 

  • Stay Informed: Millions of residents in communities across the U.S. have joined Neighbors and use it to receive real-time safety updates from fellow neighbors and the public safety agencies that serve them. 
  • Share Safety Updates: Share safety-related updates with your community by creating a new post or commenting on existing posts in your local Neighbors feed.
  • Customize Your Experience: Select your neighborhood area of interest and adjust your settings to see only the types of updates you wish to receive and how often you would like to receive them.
  • Helpful Safety Services: The Perrysburg Police Division will use Neighbors to share hyper-local safety updates.  
  • User Privacy & Control: When using Neighbors, police and other public safety agencies can only view what residents have posted publicly to Neighbors or what they have shared in response to a video request. Police and other public safety agencies do not have access to users’ Ring devices, live streams or personal information when using Neighbors. 

How to Join Neighbors: 
Download the Neighbors App for free on iOS, Android and FireOS devices. You do not need to own a Ring device or any home security system in order to participate on Neighbors.  

Learn more about Neighbors by visiting their website: