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Dog Park Poll Results

The results of the dog park poll are now available for the public to view. The City of Perrysburg's Recreation Committee was exploring three options on where to possibly put a dog park in the city.

The options were Bicentennial Park, Orleans Park and Three Meadows Park. The committee wanted public input from residents through a poll that was distributed on the city's website and Facebook page. The results of the poll can be found here.
At the Recreation Committee meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13, the committee decided to table the issue, mainly because there is no room for it in the city's next budget. The committee would also like to wait until the Orleans Park master plan is finished and indicated that Three Meadows and Bicentennial parks would not be considered for a dog park in the future. Committee members also thanked residents who came to their meetings to express their opinions about a possible dog park since that's what they had hoped for with this poll.

The meeting can be viewed here.