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Three Meadows Pond Erosion Project

The final phase of the Three Meadows Large Pond Erosion Project is scheduled to begin the first week of August. This phase will focus on the east side of the pond’s shoreline where around 60 diseased and dying trees will be removed. Once the trees are removed, the shoreline will be corrected, and rocks will be added. The rocks will match the west side of the pond that was completed last year. A slope in the south corner of the pond will also be fixed. 

“Erosion is very poor along that side of the pond,” said Rob Ross, Director of Public Service. Unfortunately, the trees along the shoreline cannot be saved to properly repair the severe erosion that has taken place.” 

Most of the trees that will be removed are Austrian Pine trees. Many of them have Diplodia Tip Blight, which is a common fungal disease among pine trees. 

The trees will be replaced next spring with a mixture of shade trees as well as the 25 Christmas trees that are donated every year by The Towne Center at Levis Commons. Picnic tables will also be added to the south side of the pond near the newly planted trees. 

Another part of this project will be the addition of outcroppings, similar to what the canoe/kayak launch looks like.  

“We received suggestions from residents who wanted more places around the pond to be able to sit closer to the water and fish without stepping on rocks,” said Ross. 

Crews will have until October 31 to complete the work. This phase of the project is being done by Mark Haynes Construction and will cost over $141,000. 

The first phase of the project was completed in April of 2021 when the west side of the shoreline was enhanced to protect it from future erosion, and the new canoe/kayak launch was installed.