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Judy Hagen Retiring

You may not know her personally, but Judy Hagen’s work is prevalent throughout the City of Perrysburg. Everything from the flowers or trees you see planted in our parks, to the annual fishing derby or Great American Cleanup, to even the way you recycle at home or within the city. These programs wouldn’t be what they are today without Judy Hagen. Hagen, who has been the program coordinator for the Department of Public Service for the past 26 years, is retiring this summer. 

“You know when it’s time to call it quits,” she said. “I’m 70 years old and it’s time.” 

Hagen’s first day with the City of Perrysburg was November 12, 1996. She had several jobs before that, after receiving her master’s degree in Education from BGSU. Jobs such as teaching, as well as coordinating programs for the YMCA/JCC and the Racquet Connection. But the one job she enjoyed the most was the one she held for the past 26 years.  

 “Back then, you got a job and you stayed at that job until you retire,” she said.   

Ever since then, Hagen has implemented several programs that have positively impacted Perrysburg residents. During her first year working for the city, she started the Great American Cleanup. The annual event involves spending a few hours every Saturday over a 7-week period in April and May with volunteers who pick up litter in the city’s parks. Hagen enjoys coordinating and working with the volunteers and appreciates them donating their time. 

“We have girl scout troops, businesses, city council members, student organizations, clubs and families who join us every year,” Hagen said. “We have around 200 total every spring.” 

In 2013 Hagen was involved in implementing single use recycling within the city. This involved ordering recycling toters for homeowners, sending out important information about how to recycle, what to recycle and when to recycle.  

“It was a huge effort,” she said. 

Hagen’s passion for keeping the city clean made her a leader for Perrysburg’s recycling program.  

Judy took care of the little things that mean a lot and are necessary for a successful litter program,” said Rob Ross, Director of Public Service. “We will miss her knowledge, experience and many job-related funny misfortunes, that will bring us all a smile in her absence.” 

Hagen is looking forward to spending more time with her grandson. When asked what she would miss the most, Hagen said, “making the city look pretty.”