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2023 Mosquito Control

May 11, 2023

Each spring with the rains and warm temperatures, we have the potential to breed mosquitoes.  Mosquito eggs need standing water to hatch and grow.  Here are some simple tips on how you can reduce breeding sites in your yard:

  • Empty or get rid of any item that may hold water such as cans, flower pots, trash cans, bird baths, used tires, child’s pool
  • Clean and make sure your home’s eaves troughs and downspouts drain correctly
  • Fill and grade low spots in your yard that may hold water
  • Maintain garden ponds, pools and hot tubs 

If you have standing water, you can treat these areas with mosquito dunks. These dunks are placed in standing water to kill the larvae and prevent the mosquitoes from maturing to feeding adults. The dunks are available to city residents at the Department of Public Service Division 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.   

Weather permitting, city crews will start spraying for mosquito control on a regular basis May through October.  Spraying commences after sundown and is dependent on weather. No spraying will be done if raining or winds are above 10 mph. 

For further information about mosquito control, click here or contact the Department of Public Service at 419-872-2020 or email