City of Perrysburg

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Litter Prevention and Recycling Board

  • 9 Members, all members of the Municipality: The Director of Public Service, the Litter Prevention and Recycling Coordinator, a member of a law enforcement organization, an educator, a business operator, and 2 high school students and 2 residents of the Municipality.
  • Appointed by Mayor, confirmed by Council
  • 2-year terms
Board Members
Business Operator – Scott Steele
Educator – Mary Kaczinski
Law Enforcement – Sergeant Dean Butler
Residents – Carla Brundrett and Sue Bruning
Student Members – Jonah Bruning and Xavier Rabatin

Director of Public Service – Rob Ross
Litter Prevention and Recycling Coordinator – Judy Hagen

Meeting Schedule
Second Thursday of the month, 3:45 PM, Department of Public Service
This board does not meet in June, July, August, or December.


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