City of Perrysburg

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Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee reviews the appropriateness of job descriptions with respect to non-bargaining unit employees and ensures appropriate job descriptions are completed before newly created City employee positions are filled. The Personnel Committee recommends orientation programs and/or materials for new members of boards, commissions, advisory committees, and members of Council. The Committee reviews the progress of negotiations of collective bargaining agreements and reviews the personnel policies and procedures applicable to non-bargaining unit employees. The Personnel Committee coordinates with the Civil Service Commission and the Mayor regarding the hiring of new individuals, promotion of employees, and appointment by Council of appointed employee positions. The Personnel Committee shall consider any other matters incidental to the foregoing which are properly delegated to the Committee by Council or its President.

Committee Members

Chair – Councilman Cory Kuhlman
Members – Councilman Tim McCarthy and Councilman Mark Weber

Meeting Schedule

Fourth Tuesday of the month, 4:00 PM, Council Chambers (subject to change)

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