City of Perrysburg

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Finance & Economic Development Committee

The Finance and Economic Development Committee reviews all Administration and citizen requests for allocation of City funds, particularly the tax budget and appropriations budget. The Finance Committee works with the Administration to evaluate various methods of financing City operations and to consider any such actions recommended by the Administration. The Finance and Economic Development Committee approves any contracts desired by the Administration for services involving financial activities (accounting, insurance, banking), evaluates any legislation intended to promote economic development, and monitors any projects the Administration undertakes in this area – either alone or in partnership with other public or private organizations. The Finance and Economic Development Committee also evaluates any proposed legislation involving the tax code, reviews the proposed selling price or rental fee of any City property, and considers any other matters incidental to the foregoing which are properly delegated to the Committee by Council or its President.

Committee Members

Chair – Councilman Mark Weber
Members – Councilman Cory Kuhlman and Councilman Tim McCarthy

Meeting Schedule

Second Tuesday of the month, 4:00 PM, Council Chambers (subject to change)

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