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Appointment Review Committee

The Appointment Review Committee is composed of the President of Council and two (2) other Council members, one (1) of the latter from the Republican party and the other from the Democratic party. The latter two (2) members shall be appointed by a majority vote of Council. Not considered a major committee, its function is to review recommendations of nominees to the City’s appointive boards as well as to any vacancies that may occur on Council.

Committee Members

Chair – Councilman Jonathan Smith
Members –  Councilman Tim McCarthy and Councilman Barry VanHoozen

Meeting Schedule

As needed



07/28/20 Agenda      

02/19/19 Agenda      

09/18/18 Minutes      
08/21/18 Minutes      
06/05/18 Minutes      
05/01/18 Minutes      
04/17/18 Minutes      
02/15/18 Minutes