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Social Media Disclaimer

The City of Perrysburg uses social media as a tool to disseminate information regarding municipal operations and is intended to augment and enhance other communication media used by the City, including, but not limited to, news releases, interviews, text messages, phone calls, websites, and printed publications.

The purpose of the City’s social media is to help provide timely information regarding the City of Perrysburg to its residents, businesses, and visitors. The City assumes no responsibility for any content and/or information not directly posted by the City. Comments do not represent the views of the City of Perrysburg.

The City of Perrysburg reserves the right to review, edit, modify, or delete any comment to a City social media site by a user.

The City of Perrysburg will not respond to any comments, concerns, questions, statements, requests, etc. via social media.

Any comments, concerns, questions, statements, requests, etc. should be directed to the City via email, in person, by phone, or by utilizing the City website’s “Contact Us” section located on the homepage.